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We are a digital marketing company, so we need promotional videos for the ads of brands that operates all over the world. In other words, your selfie videos will be used only for online ads.

Sometimes a game ad, sometimes a mobile app ad, or sometimes an ad for a website. We will send you an advertising copy which you will shoot in a video for 15 minutes. You will be asked to send us the selfie video of this short text.

We will publish your videos as an internet ad to people who speak your language on advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, TikTok etc. The number of people who will see the ad depends on the budget of the promoted product. It can be 10 thousand people or even 10 million people.

You can check out some sample videos below

We run more than 200 hundred advertising campaigns in the countries where we provide marketing services. We request approximately 1000 videos with 3 or 4 different texts for each campaign. You are free to make selfie videos for any campaign you like.

We pay minimum $25 for each video that is approved. This amount may vary depending on country; it can go up to $100. If your video attracts interest, we pay you a bonus of up to $300. The more people your video reaches and the longer it circulates, the more you are successful. In this case, it means you have earned a bonus.

We usually pay with bank transfer or PayPal. Payments are weekly made to the account of your choice.

We will share a panel to you. You will see it when we request a selfie video from you. You will also be notified by email. Once you take the job and upload a selfie video, the panel will request our approval for it. When it is approved, you will see, in your account balance, the amount paid for the approved videos. You will be able to contact us anytime through the panel. It is a very easy and exciting process. Apply now if you are confident and want to be the face of brands.

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